2016 Camp Staff

  • Camp Attaway requires a highly trained and committed staff of counselors with at least entry level experience who are often pursuing degrees in human service related fields. In each camp group is a group leader who is an advanced graduate-level student or masters-level professional with both clinical and supervisory experience in a therapeutic/educational setting. The Program Director has responsibility for direct supervision of counselors. The staff:child ratio is at least 1:2. This ratio allows for intensive staff support for the children in all contexts of the camp experience.
  • Fully qualified and experienced staff includes teachers certified in both special and general education, advanced psychology students, professional artists and recreation specialists.
  • All staff receives annual training in de-escalation and non-violent therapeutic crisis intervention though the Quality Behavioral Solutions (QBS).
  • To apply, send a resume to moreinfo@campattaway.org

Dr. Saul Lieberman at the grill!

Dr. Saul Lieberman

Saul N. Lieberman, Ph.D.

Clinical Director

Dr. Lieberman, co-founder of Camp Attaway, is a licensed psychologist in Howard County with over 27 years of experience working with children in clinical, educational, and therapeutic camp settings. He is experienced in the evaluation of intellectual, psychological, and learning problems. Dr. Lieberman also has clinical expertise as an individual, group, and family psychotherapist. He has consulted with schools and community agencies in the area of program and treatment planning.

Dr. Lieberman has served as director of Camp Attaway since 1996. During the camp session, Dr. Lieberman supervises staff, coordinates with partner agencies, orients parents, manages consent forms and documents, maintains the expense accounts, dispenses medications, and generally handles all administrative aspects of Camp operations. During the “off season”, Dr. Lieberman conducts post camp conferences, follows up on children’s adjustment with schools and community therapists, recruits and hires staff for the subsequent year, recruits and enrolls campers.

Program Director

Kelly Olsen

Kelly Olsen

Kelly Olsen is a special educator with seven years of teaching experience within the Howard County Public School System. She has experience with planning and coordinating education programs to meet a variety of different needs, including social/emotional, academic, and behavioral. She has created and implemented a variety of individual behavior plans to help children be successful in the classroom as well as the community. Kelly earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from Towson University and went on to earn her master’s degree in special education from Loyola University, Maryland. Kelly has been certified as a trainer in Quality Behavior Solutions (QBS). She has completed five seasons at Camp Attaway, serving four years as program director.

“Dr. L and staff were very helpful and answered every question with concern, patience and ease.”