Help Us Find a Home!

Camp Attaway needs a permanent home! Since its beginning, Camp Attaway has led a nomadic existence, moving from one Howard County school facility to another on an annual basis. This is very challenging to staff, campers and their families alike to say the least and hampers the camp’s ability to grow.

Please help us take root by putting out the word that Camp Attaway needs a permanent location suitable for a day camp program, near a community pool (even better with water on the property) and with a structure, or the land on which to build one, where indoor activities can be held. In order for Camp Attaway to serve more children and their families a permanent site is needed to make that dream a reality. Please contact Executive Director Sue Ann Shafley at or call 443-518-7671 for further information.

“We have had a positive experience at Camp Attaway for the past 3 years. Our child has shown growth and development this past year. However she still profited from the guidance that Camp Attaway has provided.”

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