Our Mission: To nurture the mind, the body, and the spirit of children who are missing out on fun, friendship, success, and achievement because of difficulty managing their emotions and behavior, as well as provide education and mental health support to families.

Camp Attaway is a one-of a-kind Howard County therapeutic program that provides services for children with complex emotional and behavioral disorders and their families.  For more than 28 years, our program has provided a much needed therapeutic summer program for children and for parents. The summer program has two components that run simultaneously: a therapeutic summer camp for children who have difficulties managing their emotions and regulating their behaviors and education, and support groups for their parents. The children Attaway serves often face challenges when they try to participate in traditional camp experiences and have been asked to leave afterschool and summer programs.  Through Camp Attaway, children learn how to break out of their negative cycle and learn new skills while enjoying sports, nature, art, rock climbing, swimming, and adventures of all kinds. Attaway also has a Counselor-In-Training Program for former campers 13-15 years old that focuses on leadership and job skills.  
Camp Attaway’s parent education and support group is a dedicated space for parents navigating the intricate challenges of raising children with complex emotional and behavioral needs. We understand that traditional parenting techniques often fall short in such situations. Led by an experienced child psychologist, our evidence-based education and support group offers concrete strategies to facilitate healing and nurture healthier parent-child relationships. We address anger, defiance, argumentativeness, and aggression, while also providing a supportive network to tackle caregiver stress, burnout, and social isolation. Our year-round program acts as a vital lifeline for families with children who share similar difficulties, providing them with specialized resources and unwavering support. 
At Camp Attaway, we understand that friendships are the essence of our camp’s magic, and they deserve to thrive beyond the summer season.  Club Attaway bridges the gap between summers, offering opportunities for campers to reunite, stay connected, and create lasting memories.  Developed in response to heartfelt requests of Attaway families longing for continued connections, Club Attaway is a free program designed to keep the camp friendships alive throughout the year.  
Both Club Attaway and our Parent Support Groups stand as vital extensions of the Camp Attaway therapeutic program. Club Attaway offers a year-round opportunity for campers to maintain and strengthen the friendships they form during the summer, fostering a sense of connection and belonging that transcends seasons. Our Parent Support Groups, led by experienced child psychologists, provide parents with specialized tools and strategies to navigate the challenges of raising children with complex emotional and behavioral needs. These extensions further enrich the Camp Attaway experience, ensuring continuous support and growth for both campers and their families beyond the summer months. 
 Attaway parent feedback :
“The support group is a major benefit to Attaway. It gives parents tools and perspective to deal with their child.”
“I’m not sure where we would be without Attaway and I’m eternally grateful for all the it has provided for both my children and my family”
“Camp Attaway is one of my son’s highlights every year. It is a place where he thrives and since there aren’t many places where he does so well, Camp Attaway stands out as a unique positive experience.  Because Camp Attaway is structured and run in a way that makes my son feel emotionally and physically safe, he is able to learn new skills at a remarkable rate.  Our whole family notices his application of his Camp Attaway skills throughout the whole year.”

“This program is a lifeline for children who struggle fitting into conventional social structures.” 


“The support group is a major benefit to Attaway. It gives parents tools and perspective to deal with their child.” 


“It is great. Knowing that you’re not alone. And that it’s not my fault or wrongful parenting that is causing my daughter’s behaviors.” 


Our Award Winning Tradition


Attaway has been recognized by winning five of Howard County’s most prestigious awards:

Rise to the Challenge Innovation Award from Howard County Executive Calvin Ball, for pandemic-related programming that benefitted Howard County residents. The Rise to the Challenge Innovation Award was designed to show appreciation for public-sector employees, health-care workers, business organizations, faith-based leaders, and others who helped our community persevere during the pandemic. 

O’Donnell Family Award from Howard County’s Citizen’s Services Board in recognition of extraordinary commitment to providing caring, outstanding & effective direct care to children and youth in the county. Attaway was honored to receive the evening’s highest accolade.

Casey Pebble Willis Making a Difference Award. The Community Foundation of Howard County honors one non-profit annually for making a significant measurable impact in changing lives.

Audrey Robbins Humanitarian Award. The Association of Community Services of Howard County awarded Attaway the Employee Team of the Year. This award honors the work of human services organizations & their staff who go above and beyond all expectations in service to the community.

Community Impact Award by the Association of Community Services. This prestigious award recognizes the significant impact Attaway has had on the community for 26 years. 

Casey Pebble Willis Making a Difference Award
Howard County Rise Innovation Grant

Parents Testimonials:

We thank our grantors and sponsors for their valuable support in achieving our goals through collaboration and resource-sharing.

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