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Club Attaway

At Camp Attaway, we believe that friendships are the heart and soul of our camp experience. We understand the importance of maintaining these connections throughout the year, even when camp is not in session. That’s why we proudly present Club Attaway, a completely free program designed to bring campers together outside of camp and provide a platform for renewing and strengthening the friendships made during the summer.


Club Attaway was born out of the heartfelt requests of Attaway families who expressed their desire for continued programming during the school year. Our campers, who come from various schools, often miss the opportunity to see each other outside of the summer months. Club Attaway bridges this gap, offering a space for them to reconnect, stay connected, and have a blast while doing so—all at no cost to the families.


With a diverse range of activities, Club Attaway ensures that every gathering is an exciting and memorable experience. Our program includes outdoor movie nights, where campers can snuggle up under the stars and enjoy their favorite films together. Pizza party game nights bring out the competitive spirit in a fun and friendly atmosphere, fostering teamwork and laughter. Additionally, we organize community adventures to popular venues like indoor trampoline parks, climbing gyms, and bowling alleys, creating opportunities for shared adventures and new experiences.


Campers and parents alike recognize that one of the most significant benefits of attending Camp Attaway is the opportunity to forge lasting friendships. For many of our campers, Attaway is where they make their first true friend. Club Attaway serves as the perfect extension, allowing these friendships to continue flourishing throughout the school year.

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Voices of the Community We Serve

“What was most beneficial at Camp Attaway is my child making friends, being able to be herself while learning positive ways to cope with situations, and her not feeling so alone with her disabilities that she faces.”


“You meet so many friends there. You can’t NOT make a friend. There’s so many kids. And you meet a lot of people, get to recognize them, maybe even see them in public.”


“Connecting with children like him, knowing that your child is with people who understand his needs. Knowing that your child isn’t going to be judged or looked down on by his peers.”


Q: Why do you love Camp Attaway? A: “Honestly, it’s fun. I remember last time we always went to the pool. I made a lot of friends there. I miss them. A lot. “

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