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Our Program

Camp Attaway is a three-week summer day camp program for children with emotional and behavioral disorders. Held in Howard County, Maryland, the Camp offers a variety of activities designed to ensure a safe, therapeutic, and most importantly, a fun-filled days for children, as well as a weekly support and education group for their parents. Activities include: swimming, sports-lite, cooperative games, rock climbing, arts & crafts, nature and drama. We create a safe environment with a 2:1 ratio of campers to staff at all times.

Homepage – Our Mission

Our Mission

To nurture the mind, the body, and the spirit of children who are missing out on fun, friendship, success, and achievement because of difficulty managing their emotions and behavior.

Homepage – What’s New

What’s New

Highlights of the Year

In 2014 we continued taking substantial strides in implementing our strategic plan, Vision 2021 to address our organizational structure, funding, and future expansion. One major component of Vision 2021 that was implemented was the hiring of our first part-time executive director, Sue Ann Shafley. Ms. Shafley has a background in non-profit management, special education, law and commercial real estate and is well suited to grow Camp Attaway. She has various administrative duties and is responsible for fundraising, grant writing and ultimately charged with locating a permanent home for the camp. Additionally, we are very pleased to report that Attaway’s connection with Leadership Howard County will continue as Ms. Shafley was accepted to participate in the Leadership Howard County’s 2015 class.
Ms. Shafley was selected for the 10-month program which is designed to empower and connect community leaders and keep them engaged in the critical issues facing Howard County and the region. The class members represent business, nonprofit, government and educational organizations. She will be learning about the county’s resources and making connections valuable to the camp.
Ms. Shafley can be reached at shafley.campattaway@gmail.com.

Grants & Licensing

In 2014 Camp Attaway also won its first government grant when it was awarded two Community Service Partnership (CSP) grants from Howard County Dept. of Citizens Services, one funding operations and a onetime grant funding needed technology at the camp.
Camp Attaway was also licensed under the MD Department of Health and Mental Hygiene as an independent camp, which was necessary as we were no longer formally affiliated with Howard Co. Dept. of Recreation & Parks.

AwardsCasey Pebble Award Annual Dinner 2014

2014 ended on a very high note as Camp Attaway received The Casey and Pebble Willis Making a Difference Award from the Community Foundation which honors one non-profit annually who has made a difference in the community.

Going Home

While there is still snow on the ground we are pleased to report that Camp Attaway will once again call the Phillips School, located in Laurel, Maryland our home for the 2015 camp season. We are currently making final arrangements to return. We are happy to go back to this wonderful facility and familiar friends.