Campers meeting a large turtle.In 1996, after many late night conversations on their front steps, Drs. Saul Lieberman and David Cooper, a child psychologist and a college professor, respectively, hatched a dream into a viable idea. Camp Attaway was designed to provide a summer camp experience for children with emotional and behavioral problems. Future campers would be ones who were unable to enjoy traditional camp experiences providing carefree summers with peers, learning to swim, exploring nature, creating crafts and forging bonds of summer friendship that many children cherish throughout their lives.

“Camp Attaway is the best kept secret in Howard County!”

Campers posing outside a jungle gym.The Camp’s mission was simple: A place for children with severe behavioral and emotional challenges to have fun. Its values clear: All programming would be designed for success and no one would be turned away for an inability to pay. Over two decades later, Camp Attaway continues to meet its mission.