Target Population

“My son has learned more in all categories at Camp Attaway than all other avenues combined. His manners, outlook, confidence, self control and overall mood improved a great deal both this year and last while at camp. In both cases it has seemed to have a lasting effect.”

Camp Attaway is a three-week summer day camp for children ages 7-13 with emotional and behavioral disorders. It is a place where children who know failure too well can break out of their negative cycles and learn new skills.

There is a screening process for each camper interested in registering for Camp Attaway. The screening process serves four major purposes:

  1. An opportunity for the parents to share their present concerns about their child’s development in the social, emotional and behavioral areas along with identifying their child’s strengths;
  2. To gather vital developmental and family history of the camper along with reviewing psychological, educational, psychiatric, neuropsychological, speech and occupational evaluation reports, as well as Individual Educational Plans;
  3. For parents to identify goals they would like Camp Attaway to address in working with their child;
  4. For the child to be interviewed by the camp director in helping determine whether Camp Attaway would be a good fit for him/her.

Tuition and Financial Assistance

Camp Attaway is committed to meeting the needs of children and families regardless of their ability to pay for the camp program. Families who are able pay the full tuition of $2,500 do so where as families with demonstrated financial need may take advantage of our generous scholarship program making it possible for EVERY eligible camper to attend Camp Attaway.

“We are grateful for the scholarship
that allows our child to attend.”

“We truthfully weren’t able to afford the program. We are grateful for the scholarship, and we definitely feel that he learned some skills to impart into life every day.”