Year-Round Parent Groups

Free Caregiver Skills and Support Group! 

Continuing Through the Year

Learn Skills!
The skills and techniques addressed in these sessions are based upon decades of behavioral research. In this group we will focus on specific and practical skills and techniques to both better understand your child’s behavior and to decrease problematic behavior while increasing desirable behavior. Sessions will be interactive, involve role-playing, and include parent homework assignments to practice skills.

Get Support!
Additionally, as caregiver stress, burnout and social isolation is common when your child has emotional and behavioral challenges, the meetings will also have a strong supportive component, where parents can share and support each other.

Dr. Noah Weintraub, who has over twenty years of experience working with children with disruptive behaviors and their families, is leading this important Attaway initiative. Additionally, Dr. Weintraub has experience running parent training and support groups in private practice.

There is no cost to participate in either the parent/caregiver general support sessions or the parent education workshop sessions.

10am-12pm on Saturdays:

March 7th: Navigating Special Education/IEPs/504 Plans, Lori Marquis and Ellen Kaplan of Kaplan Marquis Education Consultants
Parents face many challenges when advocating for their child with learning differences. The March 7th presentation focuses on what parents should know and how to advocate for their child. Topics include: Differences between the Special Education / IEP process and the 504 process, who participates in the meetings, what to expect from the process and how to prepare, your rights as a parent of a child with an educational plan. Lori Marquis and Ellen Kaplan of Kaplan Marquis Education Consultants will be here to answer your questions.


March 21st: Parenting the Anxious Child, Noah Weintraub, Psy.D.


April 18th: Parenting Skill Review, Noah Weintraub, Psy.D.


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“The parent education sessions with Dr. Noah Weintraub have been FANTASTIC! They are completely different than the summer parent groups. I love the format; it’s set up more like a lecture with a power point that follows a handout. We cover “chapters” and different areas of focus which in turn generate tons of questions. While we are covering the psychology of our child’s behavior, we get to jump in and ask about the situations we find ourselves in every single day. The BEST part is that Dr. Weintraub is awesome at answering our questions like “So if he says this- what do I respond? And then he will definitely do this… so then what? ” He even role plays with us to show us what we should or should not be doing.

He gives REAL WORLD TOOLS and ways to handle even the most challenging situations. This is what I had been waiting for and what most of us so desperately need. I learned several things I’m doing wrong and how I am inadvertently reinforcing behaviors I am trying to stop. EEEK! He’s taught techniques that seem counter-intuitive, and would never have crossed my mind.   I’ve learned to change things I am doing to get my child to behave differently! I would HIGHLY HIGHLY urge any Attaway parents to attend these meetings. They are incredible and worth your time!!!”- Attaway parent who attended the fall sessions